Tasting experience

Our customers come from all kinds of areas of the world with a variety of cultures and a wide spectrum of preferences and norms. Beverages are consumed very differently across the globe. However, they all agree on the Black Whale Gin. What makes it so special is that it goes just as well in every possible way you chose to enjoy it. Neat, mixed, on rocks, as a classic G&T, as a bone-dry martini or even a Caesar does not matter at all. Very different from many of its peers, the Black Whale Gin will perform perfectly in every setting.

The Black Whale Gin is embracing its botanicals and passionate to be tasted. The use of fruits and berries of wide variety round out the flavor superbly. Herbs help to bring out the smoothness when all flavors interact together. The kelps role is multifaceted; adding to the personality in its crispness but also bringing the balance of flavors out. The soupcon of salty-sweetness and ultimately pools its character to a true full-bodied gin tasting experience.