Spirit of the Ocean

The Black Whale Gin is inspired by the vast dimensions of the ocean, the fresh breeze whistling through your hair and the familiar taste of salty seawater on your skin after walking on the beach. Maritime botanicals along with hand-picked ingredients add unimaginable character resulting in the finest and most exclusive gin on the market.

If you spend your summer by the shore, the Black Whale will be an excellent choice of beverage. Even more so if you’re spending your time on a sailboat in the Caribbean. Nothing screams vacation more than a relaxing gin drink after a long day on the water, prepared exactly to your liking. Whether at home or abroad, the Black Whale will always remind you of good times. Times when you were the happiest. Times when you were the proudest. Times when you felt at home. And most of all, times when you felt loved.

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"Germany Gin of the Year 2020"









Take your time to enjoy

Adventurously maritime, fruity and refreshing with a touch of excitement

Tasting experience

Indulging with pleasure!

Unser Name - Ein Wal ist doch kein Fisch?!

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