While providing our customers with the best tasting and highest quality gin is our number one goal, we also prioritize a larger, and globally meaningful mission. It is no secret that the 21stcentury humans take quite a toll on the ocean.

Our globalized world has big oil tankers spilling, cruise liners dumping plastic and profit-hungry corporations overfishing. We tend to forget that each and every one of us can make a difference. There exists a dire need to preserve the ocean not only from an environmental perspective, but also, and even more so, from a perspective of admiration and fascination for our planet, our home. Inspired by the worlds dire need for oceanic protectionism, the whale symbolizes to us sustainability and protectiveness of all sea life. Therefore, 10% of our total profit is donated to the German Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union every year in order to protect and maintain maritime life and threatened species.

However, oceanic protectionism goes hand in hand with sustainability. We take sustainability very seriously, which is why we have removed allplastic from our packaging. Our shipping boxes are not sourced fromtrees like conventional boxes, but rather from fast growing plants, a typically underutilized but endlessly renewable resource that doesn’t take any agricultural land away from food producing farmers.Additionally, all of our shipping is entirely CO2 compensated.