Now, let us tell you a bit about our production process. Our distillery is more than 750 years old and is located near the city of Hamburg, on a former knight’s estate. The distilling procedure dates back to the 13thcentury, bringing the most sophisticated contemporary techniques together in the most superb and historical distillery right here in Germany. The process of distilling the gin is done in a copper still and performed slowly and gently in order to preserve the most flavor possible. Different from the majority of its peers, this time- consuming process allows the Black Whale Gin to bring out tremendous fragrance.

We only produce about eight hundred bottles for each batch. Every single bottle is individually tapped, bottled by hand, with a label that is carefully numbered with its batch and bottle number. For our small bottles, our gin master personally ties a handwritten label around each bottleneck. We do this in order to personally certify that each bottle is a unique and distinct piece of craftmanship, the very finest of its kind.