Indulging with pleasure!

When decided to enjoy as a longtime classic, gin and tonic, we recommend a good quality tonic water, preferably with a Mediterranean character. If enjoyed with pleasure, the Black Whale Gin will rejuvenate emotions and invigorate memories of the most wonderful kind. A Black Whale Gin & Tonic is ideally garnished by orange zest, a lemon slice, a lime wedge or a small rosemary twig.

The Black Whale Gin’s polygonal adaptability and breadth of flavors is inexhaustible. Let creativity be your limit to all possible ways of enjoying the Black Whale Gin.

Please consume in moderation. Always drink responsibly. We take no responsibility on the effect this product may have on you. When done responsibly, we consider drinking to be a positive social activity. We do not support underage drinking, excessive drinking, binge drinking or any other unsafe drinking behavior. Do not drink and drive while using this product.